Meeker County HRA News  


October 6, 2016....We are pleased to announce the launching of this web site - an information service for individuals and families in need of our Meeker County HRA housing benefits, for our current housing residents, and for the public interested in our programs and services - as made possible by Meeker County taxpayer funding.


September 2015 - 2016; the Meeker County HRA was awarded funds to upgrade the boiler system in the Dassel Apartments, install all new power-flush toilets, resurface the Dassel parking lot, new kitchen cabinets in Dassel, all new refrigerators, and new medicine cabinets in Dassel.  We thank the residents for their patience in this endeavor and all the vendors needed to make this a success.


February 2018 - July 2019 The Meeker County HRA is participating in the Minnesota Housing Partnership Housing Institute.  This program will help us identify the best way to increase access to housing in Meeker County, whether that be income based or market rate housing.