Lawn Mowing

The Lawn mowing season will start.  The Cosmos and Grove City residents must have the yards cleared of all toys, yard items etc by Monday evenings. The mowing will be done on Tuesday's weather permitting.  Should the mowing get rained-out, the mowing will be done on the next dry day.  Once the mowing has been completed, please extend the sump pump hose back out into the yard and away from the house.


The Dassel Residents must also clear the yard of any lawn chairs or debris before the mower comes.


Smoke-Free Reminder

The Meeker County HRA is a smoke-free entity which means if you or your guests are smokers, you must smoke outside 25 feet away from all windows and doorways of the HRA properties.  You also cannot smoke in any garages or outbuildings on the HRA properties.  If you break this policy, you may loose your housing.